Tra Que is a charming little village on the edge of Hoi An. It is named after the sweet scented vegetables that spice up the everyday meals of the Pho Hoi people. Here a new spirit for traditional Hoi An dishes like Cao Lau, Quang noodles, the local ‘Tam huu' spring roll (made from Tra Que vegetables) and fried pancake with meat (Banh xeo) has been enlivened.
At 9:00am meet at Reception at Pham Gia Boutique Homestay Villa and ride by bicycle to a local farm in Tra Que village. The local tour guide will explain the history of the village, the cultivation of the vegetables and reveal use of vegetables and herbs in traditional Vietnamese medicine. After exploring the vegetable garden, join the farmers in preparing the land and fertilizing it with seaweed from the local lake. Raking, sowing, watering and picking greens are just a few of the many gardening activities available. Learn to work the land in the time-honoured way before breaking to prepare lunch with a local family. Your lunch will consist of many local delicacies including “tam huu” spring rolls and Banh xeo mentioned above. Around 13:30 there will be a big farewell to your host family before riding back to Hoi An. On the way back the tour stops at coconut road and Ba Le well finally finishing around 15:00.
Price: Please contact us for further information if you’d like to book a tour.